Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bill Sonic Fricke

Your website(s):
Had another but inexplicably it is floating around in hyperspace. I'm guessing it has issues with abandonment. Such is life.

Tell us a little about yourself. A little? OK. I'm tall and creative. I believe that to create is to tap into the Divine.

Tell us about your recent art work.
That would be art for a kid's book. It is about a witch named Esmeralda. She is a witch for today which means she has seen the Light. Very gratifying to see something you concepted fully realized. Truthfully, it doesn't really seem to have come from me. Life after all is illusion. I think the writing is very well done. Because you see I only illustrated it.

When did you first realize you wanted to work w/ art? As far back in time as my brain will allow. I had a very visceral connection to children's books. It went beyond just hearing them. I felt them.

Can you explain how you decide on the images you use in your work? It is a task that I feel most of us must utilize to find the prize within the conceptual grab bag. I just keep flowing out ideas until I have to progress forward. Once a concept is considered strong it is brought forth into the temporal. Basically, it resonates and I know it is ready to be created.

Can you describe the environment and atmosphere you work in for us? Do you generally work alone or with people? Is it quiet or do you play music? If I am illustrating that is more or less with subjectitvity or an agenda put forth by the client then I am very fully cognizant about what I am doing. If on the other hand I have a paintbrush in hand I will channel the info, and the imagery shows up in a fairly trance-like state. I feel no real ownership of the work. As far as music goes, you would perhaps assume by the imagery or
the subject matter that I use music to create. I can get away with that in the initial process. The conceptual phase. But the truth is I'm ADHD, and the last thing I need is another distraction! What was the question?

What interests do you have other than art? I am a deeply spiritual person and I meditate and seek Higher Truths about myself, the world, the universe and our place in it.
That pursuit is one that takes up most of my time. My belief if you will is that 'The Time IS NOW!' Empower yourself to be the being you were sent here to be.

How have you handled the business side of being an artist? You mean there is a business side to Art? Why wasn't I contacted? Boy, you learn something every day. Truthfully, it is not my strength.

Have you collaborated w/ other artists in the past? Once or twice. I just am so aware of the finite time here on earth that I have taken my focus off art and onto other things. I have always loved art and music, but you are what you are and I need to be doing something else for awhile. The market just doesn't seem to support all of us. From my perspective, life is exactly as it should and needs to be.

Who and what are your influences? Everything. Literally.

Looking back, how has your style changed? Well, hmmm. It has gotten better if you need to 'qualify' it. It has more depth and says alot more with less. I'm a big fan of the Swiss design school. Less is more often than not more.

What advice would you give to people just starting out? Well, I would just say open your heart and Trust that whatever you need you will receive. This is a tough business. To really be effective I would hone my skills and keep on top of people like Gates and Jobs. They keep transforming our world. Have to stay in step with them and their innovations.

How has the Internet helped you? It is a very viable resource if used correctly. It can be a vast time waster. Although God Bless the Internet. That is where my wife was hiding and she is my best friend.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Difficult to say. Teaching art and music in Shamballah.

Have you had any other careers? How have these influenced your career as an artist? Well they really made me appreciate what it means to create art. The whole time I wasn't creating I would be wishing I was. I have to be honest though. When this becomes solely a business, it's time to consider other possibilities. I hope to fuse my art ability to my spiritual side and teach others to create with Light.

What are the best and worst parts of your work? Hmm. Well, the best parts are probably those that are yet to be realized. Truthfully, I don't recognize worst anymore. It all builds to something. Even the dark teaches us about the Light.

Have you studied art in school? Yep. Kutztown University.

Do you plan each of your pieces in detail beforehand or do they evolve as you create them? I have always just sort of inclined my mind by disengaging it and flowing. Too much thought and you just choke off the natural energy that flows through and all around us. I believe that parameters put a choke hold on possibilities by limiting the outcome.

What has the reaction to your work been? Well the illustration is generally thought to be original and likend to etching. The painting seems to speak to people and that is a beautiful thing to hear and see.

Are there any interesting anecdotes related to your work that you would like to share? Not really. Just don't ever give into fear. It is the one thing that stops all progression.
Always do. You can always do again! Also be aware of your desires. I thought at one time that I really wanted to show my work. The truth was, I really didn't have enough Faith in myself and gave into fear. I thoroughly did not enjoy remotely my first art show for my paintings.
As I said, pay attention to the dark within. It teaches us about the Beautiful counterpart.
The Light which makes all things possible.

People in your field whom you most admire: Too many to mention. I love Gary Baseman. He just represents a guy who does it all with a good grip on what is important and seemingly someone who has tackled his negative ego and has tried to attain to balance.

Play list of at least ten favorite songs: I love it all. I suggest songs, music etc that helps you feel alive! Bob Marley lifts the soul. For meditation I suggest Osiris or Tibetan Chants. In particular, The Om Mane Padme Hum.

Favorite comic strip/ comic book: Bloom County

Favorite artists: Pollock, Lee Kranz and a zillion more. If it resonates it serves it's purpose.

Web sites you visit regularly: None really. Craigslist as I need to find a full-time hopefully creative job. A singular creation, excellent site for all artists. Major Props to Joe Barrouk.

Magazines you read regularly: Used to be Rolling Stone. Mostly Creativity.

Movies you love so much you've watched them more than twice: The Usual Suspects. Get Shorty. Constantine.

Last concert/performance attended: Steely Dan, PNC Arts Center, NJ

Favorite authors, fiction: Kids Books

Favorite authors, nonfiction: Dave Sedaris