Monday, September 03, 2007

The Spinning Leaves

Michael Baker and Barbara Gettes, of the Spinning Leaves, met up with us at Fuji Mountain on Chestnut Street. They’ve been recording, and hope to have an album produced by this fall or winter. Michael says “We've gotten really enchanted lately with recording - hoots and hollers and wooden pump organs and whispers and sitars and horns and so many inspiring players and friends. It's exciting. And we're planning some excursions in the fall with Hoots and Hellmouth and Hezekiah Jones and Andrew Lipke which should all be very interesting.”

Michael and Barbara explained to us that their songs are mainly about love; they’re interested in societal change. They hope to enable people through mutual empowerment and community building, and they’ve been working on a grassroots media campaign to reduce gun violence in Philadelphia.

Barbara is currently bartending at a vegetarian Ethiopian restaurant in West Philly. She has a background working in education and the non-profit sector. Michael attended Transylvania University in Lexington, KY and was a history major. He moved to Philly one year ago to focus on music. He’s not the only musician/ artist in his family; his cousin is the Button King, who’s been featured on a number of television programs over the years (Johnny Carson, Geraldo, etc.) – you might want to check out this video: SCButtonKing.

Check out their website to watch videos and while you’re there, be sure to listen to “Promontory Wind” with its haunting melody and angelic vocals and the mellow “Transister Radio.” Upcoming shows (September and October) include NY, NH, VT and PA.