Thursday, February 28, 2008

DC Briggs Q&A

Tell us a little about yourself.
A) I am a native of Washington, DC. After years of trying to discover who I am as a person, I managed to find myself as an artist. It’s always manifested itself through various avenues but now I am aware of. My method of creating my art work is through the use of photography. In my mind I see very vivid images and I do my best to translate those images into something that the world can see as well.

Tell us about your recent artwork.
(A) Some of my more recent creations deal with a reflection of what I see is going on in society. I try to create images that provoke my audience to engage in some form of introspection. I present the good and the bad because they both make us who we are as individuals and as a community. Recently I created a piece that deals with our ties to China. I also have a new piece that I hope will spark a conversation about the true meaning of freedom and liberty. Hopefully it will be the launch pad for our journey back to true freedom.

What interests do you have other than art?
(A) Ahhhh, my interests. I love music because my entire nature of being thrives on a rhythm of some kind. Those who know me best know how I will make beats on anything. I have come to accept that it’s an involuntary action. Without music, I would be insane. I am big on politics and news. Being from DC, if you don’t have any bit of a passion for politics then you have no awareness of the world around you. It’s such an integral part of the culture of this region that it becomes almost imbedded in your DNA. Overall, there is no one set group of interests that I have because I like to engage in anything that captures my attention. My work is inspired by the world and life as a whole. This allows me a limitless spectrum of stimulating messages to communicate to the world. The only constant is that each message is presented in my own perspective and left open for each member of the audience that sees my images to develop their own perception of the journey that I lead them on.

How would you describe your art to someone who could not see it?
(A) Oh! That’s simple. I would explain it to them as visual communication through the use of emotion. For the blind, emotions are like visual images. Stevie Wonder is a master at making his audience see images in their minds through the emotions that he describes in his songs. I hope to one day sit down and explain my work to him.

Is any of your work political?
(A) Of course. I am from DC. In this city, everything and everybody is political. I remember the gangsters that I saw growing up. They were even political. I came to realize that everything is political. I tried to ignore that aspect that kept coming out in my work but it just comes naturally so I now embrace it fully.

Favorite short story or poem:
(A) Actually, I don’t have a favorite. Everything that I read parks itself into a special place in my mind and soul. What I have read that stands out to me changes from day to day. Everything that I read becomes a part of the composition of my personal philosophy so there’s no way to truly pick out a favorite.

Favorite lyrics to a song:
(A) “ I can tell you know how hard this life can be, but you keep on smiling for me.” –Cee-Lo Green

What are you currently reading?
(A) I am currently reading a book by George Carlin “When Is Jesus Bringing The Pork Chops?”

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Renee Nordholm/ GreenerMe

Tell us a little about yourself.
Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Very loyal to my city and state! Tulsa is a great city for all ages. I began crafting as a small tot, making hemp, floss and beaded jewelry. A good friend of mine and I would always play “business” writing checks and making invoices. For our restaurant we made special menus. I’ve always loved business and crafting, and am happy to have found a niche that allows me to combine the two.

Tell us about your recent work.
I’ve been working with all types of ribbon lately. It gives my invitations a special elegance!

What interests you?
I love cats and have three myself. I love music such as Steely Dan, the Beatles, Beirut and Blackalicious. I must have music while I work! Lastly, I enjoy reading about business tactics/ethics and psychology.

How would you describe your work to someone who could not see it?
Handmade wedding invitations! Printed text applied to hand cut papers, which are then hand glued to more paper and embellished with ribbon or other accessories. Everything, aside from the envelopes, is put together with my own two hands.

Favorite lyrics to a song:
“You’re never going to find it if you’re looking for it.”

What are you currently reading?
Drop the Pink Elephant, by Bill McFarlan

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Colleen Catherine Q&A

Tell us a little about your websites.
I have designed my website with the little web designing skills that I have!! It is a pretty basic site, but it does feature most of my past and current collections. Check it out:
There is also a link to my etsy page, where you can purchase some of my work online.

Tell us a little about yourself.
Well, I started designing and creating jewelry about 5 years ago. I studied Art History and Metalworking in Pennsylvania, Rome, and New York City. I am currently selling my work in a few stores in Philadelphia. They are the Curiosity Shoppe on South Street, Mew Gallery in the Italian Market, and Bambi Gallery in Fishtown.

I have been teaching a metalworking and jewelry design course for the past two years at the UC Arts League in West Philadelphia, as well as a sculpture class to 7-9 year old at Fleisher Art Memorial. A current project is developing a ceramic/metal mixed-media course at the Arts League with a fellow designer and ceramicist, Yasha Bulter. (
Also, I have jewelry/metalworking studio is at the Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study, also known as PIFAS, in Fishtown, where all my work is made.

Tell us about your recent artwork.
Right now, I am designing the city collection. This collection includes: earring, necklace pendants, and bracelets. Designing this collection has been very experimental for me, as it is the first collection that I am using a precious metal, silver. My past collections have consisted of mixed media, such as electric wires, clock pieces, copper, aluminum, plastic, etc.
In the city collection, I am trying to recreate the look of a city environment that is in a wearable and simple form. Here, I am taking the look of Philadelphia’s environment, breaking down into basic shapes/forms. The viewer can see just a resemblance or in some cases, just a line of the original space, so this design really becomes my personal view of the city.

Describe the environment and atmosphere in which you work. Do you generally work alone or with people?
Working at PIFAS is a very open and social environment. When designing and piecing my work, I am usually alone in my studio; however, PIFAS is comprised of 18 studios, with about 22 artists working on a variety of different mediums. The space is very creative and positively effectual on my work.

Is it quiet or do you play music?
Ha, usually music is being played whether it is mine or the artist in the studio next to me!

What interests do you have other than art?
Other than art, I am very interested in social change and education. I also work at a literacy non-profit called the Children’s Literacy Initiative. Basically, we reach out to urban teachers, PreK to 3rd grade, to provide them the professional skills and instruction they need to educate their students in literacy.